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Yacht Management: Uncrewed

Uncrewed Vessels


Throughout decades of experience of our main partners and executives, BYS has identified that the drive that makes our clients buy a boat, no matter the size, is the same: having good moments on board.  No matter the size, all vessels require time and attention, which are equally scarce for owners, and this is where we generate value.

Some yacht sizes do not justify having fixed and dedicated crew on board.  BYS has brought into this segment decades of knowledge and experience of its main partners and executives in the large yacht and shipping industry to offer the full management platform for uncrewed vessels.

Clients will be able to offset the costs of a full time crew and still rest assured that their asset is getting the same quality of care,
attention and diligent maintenance, plus technical, financial and administrative support.


We have developed a comprehensive platform of services for Uncrewed vessels, which can be hired in full or in separate, thus being fully adaptable to all clients needs, typical use and budget.


  • Yacht Care: made for clients who wish to ensure cleanliness and conditions are kept up to date and who wish the peace of mind to know there is someone looking at their asset on a regular basis. For a fixed monthly fee, owners will have an established routine of cleaning, washing, polishing, flushing and basic boat care services done without needing to worry about availability of suppliers. We will take care and keep the boat in immaculate condition.
  • Yacht Management: covers all Yacht Care plus a dedicated yacht manager to take care of maintenance, handling and coordination of suppliers and special maintenance needs, marinas, shipyards, insurance, warranty management, sourcing crew when needed, title and registration advice. The boat will be kept in immaculate condition and clients will not have to worry about suppliers.
  • Yacht Concierge Full Package: provides the closest possible they will have to a full superyacht management service. It covers the Yacht Management plus all financial handling, dedicated bank accounts, reports, budgeting, concierge services, bunkering and provisions, shore support for owner trips and even dedicated project manager, depending on client needs.