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Advisory Services


No matter where you are located, there are several steps that must be executed successfully so that the decision to own a yacht is then followed by enjoyment and good times. Brazil Yacht Services operates in all links in this chain, by the client side from the moment of defining the concept of the yacht he wants through to delivery, for any yacht whether built as a series or custom which can take several years to finalize.

Our advisory is fully integrated with our services platform, which allows us to be present throughout the entire cycle of yacht ownership. It is the first step into a long-term relationship with our client, who has support from the me moment of purchase to the decision to sell or upgrade to another.


  • Selection of concepts / projects / vessels.
  • Pre-purchase reports and monitoring of sea trials.
  • Selection and negotiation with shipyards.
  • Selection and negotiation with crew.
  • Commercial support for buying / selling of new and used boats.
  • Advice on class depending on the intended use.
  • Advice on registry depending on the intended use, size of the vessel and place of residence of the buyers.
  • Finding, selecting and negotiation for berths in marinas and yacht clubs worldwide.
  • Financing: Search for institutions and negotiating payment terms and conditions.
  • Search and selection of possible insurers and insurance classes.