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The attractiveness of a Villa is not only given by its price or location, but also by the experience. Clients will always prefer good service, a staff that knows and understands the Villa, that is working with a smile and ensuring that guests are having a good time. Fulfilling the experience will position a Villa amongst the top picks for a given location, bring repeat clients and make them refer their friends. This is what we call a one-of-a-kind getaway.

BYS Villa Management program will assist our clients in creating such experience on their customized rental programs. From specific crew training to blending the villa with the surrounding culture, lifestyle, cuisine, excursions etc. From simple inventory management to development of a full customized cellar, made to or made by the chef specifically to be in harmony with the tailored menu, which may even vary depending on the season, making the villa known for the experience.

For Owners

Having properly trained, tested, hospitable and motivated Staff, working with a smile and knowledge of all the Villa specifics.


Optimizing ownership costs, which range from operating expenses to property maintenance and property taxes, by a customized rental program that does not affect their own use and ensure the right target audience will be attracted.


Retaining, sometimes even creating property value-added from a professional management and rental program that ensures all features, spaces, amenities and extras are properly maintained and in excellent operating conditions for anytime use.

For Guests

Feeling at home in their vacation getaways


Enjoying different locations, getting to know different cultures, cuisine and environments, all in complete privacy and exclusivity


True peace of mind, relaxation and memorable moments with family and friends, affordable for less than the costs of owning getaways

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