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Your Villas are your worldwide retreat. They are your own landmarks spread all over the world and they should be welcoming places to enjoy with family and guests for memorable experiences.

With BYS Villa management you can rest assure, wherever you are in the world, that there is a team working on daily basis to keep your Villas clean, tidy and with everything they offer in perfect operating conditions, making sure that staff is well trained and well looked after and that all taxes, maintenance, equipments and entertainment are up to date.

From day to day services and caretaking to managing your collectible wine inventory or polishing your exquisite cars, booking and managing rentals, we look after it all, with the same client-oriented approach that drives us in all our lines of business.

Why hire Villa Management

A truly professional Villa Management program will implement routine inspections, preventive maintenance and ensure that your property is being properly looked after either both by its staff and by any appointed contractors. This means that when our clients decide to enjoy their free time and invite their family and friends to their villas, they will be able to properly entertain them with all they have to offer.

BSY International comprehensive villa management program will offer routine inspections, surprise visits, complete tests of all appliances and entertainment systems, external areas, gardening, among others.


There is no better sensation than arriving in a carefully selected property and having a truly hassle-free experience. A staff that operates like a team, is well trained, knows the habits of their owners, guests and friends and are totally prepared to host them can make a huge difference in this experience.

BYS International Villa Management will train and interact with all property staff to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and hospitality standards, elaborating operations manuals, checklists and inventories to ensure our clients have all their expectations and requirements fully met, plus a truly relaxing time when visiting their properties.


Depending on the size, location, frequency of use, number of amenities and entertainment options available, the day to day costs of running a villa can be extraordinary. Having a professional company with established payment approval protocols and detailed reporting will offer nothing less than complete peace of mind that time and effort is being applied so that such important assets are being looked after and owners know and verify where their money is being allocated.

BYS International is strongly committed to the most transparent financial management and accounting practices, offering independent and dedicated bank accounts, credit cards and payment means, detailed reporting of expenses with auditable documents and, for further benefit to our clients, in a conflict-free business platform, through which any rebate or non previously-agreed commission will be credited to our clients directly.


When the time comes to make the difficult decision of looking for a new owner to illiquid assets, having proper documentation and historical evidence that they were well looked after may play a crucial role. Two comparable properties in similar markets might have completely different selling time depending on their documentation and condition.

BYS International focuses in documenting all projects history into simple and organized data to assist our clients in having all information as to the ongoing and executed maintenance on their assets and properties, thus increasing their liquidity in the event of a desired sale.


The decision to offer such valuable and prestigious assets for rental is not easy. BYS takes into account all of our clients needs and concerns into a Villa Management system that is developed together with them into a customized villa program developed in line with their expectations. This means that clients with more focus on financial turnover will meet their goals in the same manner as clients concerned in retaining exclusivity or availability of their assets for their own use and therefore renting very selectively.

The correct Villa rental program will always be beneficiary to villa owners, for many reasons:

  • The costs of keeping a Villa in pristine conditions can be significantly offset by good, selected rentals
  • The staff will be routinely tested, continuously trained and repeatedly exposed to guest requests, never accommodated
  • The property and all its environments, appliances and spaces will be continuously verified and inspected, making sure everything is in good working order for guest arrival
  • Inventories will be always updated

BYS Villa Management will ensure that our clients have the maximum experience as villa owners, which will benefit from retaining value, having their assets properly looked after and optimizing the ownership costs.

Would you like to rent your exceptional villa? We would be delighted to know more.

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