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Charles Darwin was unquestionably right when he made the Galapagos Islands famous.  Isolated 500 miles west of Ecuador and within a confluence of ocean currents, the region is a true shelter to some of Earth´s exoctic wildlife, not to mention some of the views that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The Galapagos islands will nurture the passion for nature´s lovers, scuba divers and adventurer explorers.  Charter clients have the privilege to be able to visit the Galapagos in what can be considered the most straightforward means to arrive there, a yacht.  On the same trip it will be possible to dive with sharks, swim with sealions, take pictures of giant tortoises, witness birds and the wide array of rituals they perform, hike landscapes that won´t be seen again in other places, all on a very protected environment. Due to the intense protection on the island, each charter yacht must follow a specific itinerary assigned by local authorities with the intention to preserve the pristine and virgin aspect of the region and preventing crowded locations.  Charles Darwin didn´t have the privilege to explore the region on a luxury yacht, but charter clients can and they will be the only to know what is the sensation brought by the mix of intense adventure and wildlife interaction being toasted with a top-quality champagne during sunset.

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