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Corsica & Sardinia

Apart from being the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is also one of the most beautiful. It is endowed with a rich mix of cultures, which can be experienced from Cagliari in the south and ranging from coastal towns and well-preserved medieval villages such as Alghero to the north. The “nuraghe” or stone tents, are among the oldest buildings known to man, and the Sardinian language, is still used along with other local dialects as a means of communication.

In the northeast of the island you can find the Costa Esmeralda a definite destination for yacht owners. Purchased by the Prince Karim Aga Khan some 50 years ago, it is an eclectic mix of colourful fishing villages, beautiful private homes and upscale shops. The Yacht Club Porto Cervo – famous for regattas – is at its heart, offering a protected marina in the local harbour. Ashore there are luxury shops, fine restaurants and exclusive bars all adding to the mix and providing a very lively experience.

Located immediately north of Sardinia, Corsica is another paradise that can be enjoyed on board a yacht. Haute cuisine experts say that the island has the best lobster in the world. This island birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, is the only place in the world where you can be confused about being in France or Italy and to live the full integration of these two cultures is a unique experience. To the South of Corsica lie the Straits of Bonifacio, formed by a deep channel between the two islands and making a memorable passage. Bonifacio is a natural fjord that houses the city of the same name, located on a cliff top surrounded by crystal blue waters. Boniface has great restaurants (famous for rosé wines and varieties of goat cheese) and a lot of activity during the summer. In the northwest of the island is the town of Calvi, just off the Gulf entrance and notable for its fortress situated on top of a rock from which there is an unforgettable view. To the south lies the bay of Santa Giulia, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.


  • Haute cuisine experts affirm that the island has the best lobster in the world!
  • Medieval villages and beautiful fortresses
  • Full integration between the French and Italian cultures
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June - September