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The Bahamas are a true paradise long known by those that love the sea. Traveling on a yacht there is a memorable lifetime experience. You can visit towns, resorts and historic sites, as well as interact with lots of natural beauty and marine life; even with wild pigs introduced by settlers and which surprisingly have adapted to the salt water environment. The Exuma archipelago, has 365 islands and reefs where you will enjoy the best of the calm, warm waters of the Bahamas.

The island chain offers beaches over a kilometre long, and with the whitest sand in the world, many untrodden by man. A charter in the Exumas lets you explore a new beach every day, waking up each morning in a different location and then toasting an incomparable sunset in the evening, en route to the next destination, where you can enjoy kayaks, surfboards and skis for another fun filled day. Marine life enthusiasts can explore caves and reefs either diving or snorkelling and everyone can enjoy the best lifestyle of the Bahamas: an outdoor meal, just listening to the sound of the sea.


  • The whitest sands in the world, many never trodden by man.
  • You can explore caves and reefs either diving or snorkelling.
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April - October