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You may have many expectations about what would be your reaction when confronting an immense glacier, but one is for sure: you will be amazed. This feeling will become stronger when the captain takes a sliver of virgin glacier ice to freshen your drink. Alaska is synonymous with outdoor adventure. From the maze of uninhabited islands to snow-capped mountains, the unprecedented solitude of this remote corner of the United States will ensure that you encounter a never before experienced feeling of freedom.

Cruising through the islands, it is possible to see humpback whales feeding, seals frolicking in the sun or fighting on the rocks and even orcas swimming at a distance. Along this coast you will also see white-headed eagles and brown bears chasing after their next meal. The itinerary of your charter can be customized so that you have one of the great experience of a lifetime, adding adventures ranging from helicopter transported picnics at the top of a glacier, to ocean kayaking, or the opportunity to simply enjoy a good bottle of wine and a gourmet dinner aboard your yacht while the sun sets on the mountains. Whatever your choice, the guarantee is that the Alaskan landscape will be forever marked in your memory.


  • Possibility of seeing humpback whales, seals, orcas and, with luck, brown bears!
  • Transport by helicopter for a picnic at the top of a glacier.
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May - September