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Virgin Islands

The region of the BVI (British Virgin Islands or BVI) is made up of about 50 islands that stretch for 35 miles (about 55 km) and offer a quiet and pleasant charter destination which meets all customer profiles. The islands are a perfect getaway for those who like to explore many destinations or for those who have a shorter recreation period, as the destinations are all very close.

The protected waters are normally quite calm and the location is perfect for diving, with options for beginners or those who are already experienced. For those looking for parties there is no lack of nightlife. Nature lovers will not be disappointed with the neon waters and pristine beaches. Sailing enthusiasts will also enjoy the quality of sailing and families interested in exploring a little can enjoy the spas and fine dining in the region. For those who are interested in a more complete experience in the Virgin Islands, there is the possibility of a longer voyage, which may include the US Virgin Islands (or USVI) and Spanish Virgin Islands to the west.


  • Perfect for those who have a shorter holiday period because all destinations are close to each other.
  • Nightlife
  • Diving
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