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Some take Bermuda for being a Caribbean destination, but this amazing destination is to be found closer to New York and Boston than to St. Bart´s. This small and charming British island territory is set in the Atlantic Ocean, lying alone after only two hours flight from most major American cities on the prosperous Eastern Coast. The place is 21 square miles of warm British hospitality embedded in charming atmosphere of an island full of pink sand beaches.  It is a haven for yachtsmen and sailors. 

Bermuda is a beautiful and unique island chain surrounded by some of the healthiest coral reef in the Atlantic, encircled by 225 miles of barriers.  The amount of corals present made Bermuda once the Atlantic shipwreck capital, an amazing credential for the avid diver of today.  While Bermuda can indeed be a technical and treacherous cruising ground, a good captain will find many hidden gems and unforgettable anchorages, while on land owners and guests will also be tricked by challenging golf courses and entertained with fine dining and many new marinas and hotels. No matter the choice of sport and lifestyle, this is a place that´s sure to mark as a destination to the selective charter guest looking for a first-class service in a tropical destination.

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April - October